Ambassador's Corner

Dear friends and colleagues,

This year, Mongolia and Canada mark the occasion of the 35th  anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations. We are planning to organize a conference on the perspectives on Mongolia- Canada relations as a key event. Also some cultural exchanges are taking place. We expect people to people relations will increase in the near future. Last year alone more than 1000 Canadians visited Mongolia for tourism. Thirty five years may sound not long time in terms of history of the relations of the countries, however, I am pleased to note that the two countries value this relationship earnestly.
Canada has been a firm supporter of the democratic process and changes which took place in Mongolia in the 1990s. The bilateral cooperation between Mongolia and Canada have been broadening from year to year and Mongolia is committed to further extend this existing foundations to the level of the Expanded Partnership in the years to come, agreed during the State visit of the President of Mongolia to Canada.
In this regard, cooperation in the areas such as trade and investment, mining, defence, and education will be further enhanced and new potentials of cooperation in such areas as agriculture, construction, energy, tourism, health, and environmental sustainability should be vigorously explored.
At present Canada ranks the second biggest investor with US$250 million in Mongolia following China. Last year, the bilateral trade reached US$ 190 million. Canada was the second principle destination for Mongolian export in 2007 and Mongolia stood at the 15th among Canada’s fifteen top importing countries.
Mongolia and Canada have a lot of common in terms of geography, climatic conditions, scarcity of population, abundant natural resources and agricultural land, and mining as a leading sector of the economies, the neighbourhood with big powers. We embrace democracy and freedom.
I believe these distinctive characteristics would serve as a bridge for Mongolia and Canada to be complementary partners in a number of key sectors.
In the wake of present level of bilateral relations happily existing between our countries, the two sides are working closely to  meet the further growing needs.
I look forward to your continued cooperation and wish you every success in your future endeavours.                  
                                                                         Dr. Dugerjav Gotov
Ambassador of Mongolia