Political Ties

Mongolia and Canada established diplomatic relations in November 30, 1973. Mongolia first opened its General Consulate in Toronto in 1998. The Embassy was officially inaugurated December, 2001. Currently Mongolia has Honorary Consuls in six provinces of Canada. Canada appointed its Honorary Consul in Ulaanbaatar in December 1, 1997. In April, 2004 Canada announced to open its Trade Mission in Ulaanbaatar. The first Resident Ambassador of Canada to Mongolia assumed her duty in Ulaanbaatar.
With similar climatic conditions, geography, scarcity of population, natural resources and agricultural land, a high role of agricultural and mining sectors in their economies as well as the neighbourhood with big powers, the two countries share a lot of common experiences and these particulars may serve as a bridge for Mongolia and Canada to be complementary partners in a number of key sectors.
Canada has been one of the firm supporters of the democratic processes and changes which took place in Mongolia in the 1990s. The two countries have agreed at the highest level to enhance the cooperation in the framework of the “Expanded Partnership” and to date some progress has been already seen in the political, economic, cultural, educational and defence fields.
During last 15 years, the two countries have been frequently exchanging high profile visits including Foreign and Trade Ministers, Speakers of the Parliaments.
The two countries signed the “Declaration on Friendship and Cooperation” elaborating general principles of Mongolia-Canada relations in 1998 in Ottawa.
The Canada-Mongolia Friendship Group at the Canadian Parliament established in April, 2003. It was a major step in bringing Canada’s attention towards Mongolia at the high level. 
The Roundtable Consultative Meetings, started in October 2003 in Ottawa at the level of the Foreign Affairs Ministries, have been serving as a forum for discussing and exchanging views on the variety of issues of bilateral cooperation and identifying the ways and means of their implementation. The second and third meetings took place in Ulaanbaatar in May, 2005 and in Ottawa in March 2007 respectively. Mongolia prepares to host the 4th such meeting in Ulaanbaatar in 2009. 
The State visit of the President of Mongolia, Natsagiin Bagabandi in 2004 was a landmark event in our bilateral relations. The visit was crucial event to advance Mongolia’s place in the Canadian foreign policy. The “Joint Statement on Expanded Partnership” agreed during this visit. It is an essential political document in formulating the future relations of the two countries as well as a commitment to bring our cooperation to a level of Expanded Partnership.
The Honorable Senator J. Day, Chair of Mongolia-Canada Friendship Group attended the Oath Taking ceremony of President N. Enkhbayar in June, 2005, representing Canada. Upon returning the Senator made a special statement on Mongolia in the House of Common, calling on to continuously support Mongolia.
The Official visits by Honorable Peter Milliken, Speaker of House of Common, Parliament of Canada to Mongolia in October, 2006 and by D.Lundeejantsan, Speaker of Mongolian Parliament to Canada in December 2007 have served as new momentums in strengthening political ties and further enhancing inter-parliamentary relations between the two countries.
Mongolia participates in Canada’s Military training assistance program (MTAP) since 2004.